Cypher Lounge Radio Welcomes Olivia & K.Sparks

Come laugh, learn, love, and listen to your brother from another mother, Hassahn Phenomenon and the Divine Diva, Dasha tonight on Cypher Lounge Radio. Tonight, the dynamic duo will be joined by the NYC, rapper/music producer/ghost writer, K.Sparks as he will talking about his current release, “A Day In The Life” and his remix contest.  Also stay tuned for the lovely R&B songstress, Olivia. Formerly of G-Unit, Olivia is on a new label, with a new album, and a new perspective on life and the industry.  The blonde bombshell is ready to shock the world with her new album, “Show the World.” Tonight, Dasha & HP will also premiere a few new segments and reflect over the life and times of the Notorious B.I.G. Tune in tonight and every Wednesday night from 7pm -9pm PST. Don’t miss the party!  CYPHER LOUNGE RADIO


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