“Lost Soul” Book Cover Contest


Greetings & Salutations Family, Friends, & Honored Guests.  Last night on Cypher Lounge Radio we had the honor of having Author, Dr. Marsan Q. Champion as our live-in-studio guest.  We had an overwhelming response from our listeners after we discussed his amazing soon-to-be released book “Lost Soul.”

We are proud to announce that Cypher Lounge Radio along with Dr. Champion is launching a contest for any up and coming artist, illustrator, graphic designer, etc that is looking to break into the industry.



  • Your Artwork & Your Name distributed around the world as the official book cover for “Lost Soul”
  • Interview on Cypher Lounge Radio
  • Free 24 Pack of Roaring Lion Energy Drink


  1. Design a book cover for “Lost Soul” based on the synopsis of the book provided by Dr. Champion. (posted below)
  2. Once you are done with your sketch, drawing, or whatever simply email it to us at cypherloungeradio@gmail.com by the submission date of April 21, 2010.  We will take submissions up until 11:59pm 4/21/2010.
  3. As the submissions come in, we will post them on our blog site and allow Cypher Lounge listeners and anyone else to comment and give us feedback on the art work.
  4. We will pick the top 3 book covers
  5. Dr. Marsan Champion will choose from the top 3.
  6. The winner will be announced on April 28, 2010 live on Cypher Lounge Radio.
  7. GOOD LUCK!!!


Lost Soul: The Perilous Pedagogy of Tajalik Stokes

Dr. Marsan Q. Champion

Tajalik Stokes (Taj-a-leak) is a 14 year-old middle school student who is growing up on Chicago’s north side. He is travelling a path of destruction as he is running with the Vice Lord street gang. After many suspensions from school Tajalik, is now facing expulsion and a transfer to an alternative school. Tajalik has been labeled as a special education student because of his diagnosed learning disabilities (EMH-Educable Mentally Handicap and EH-Emotionally Handicap). Through his frustrations of not being able to fit in with the regular school population, Tajalik has developed a character of defiance and disobedience. His mother, Yolanda Stokes, is doing everything she can as a single mother to get through to her son but is losing patience as he continues with his sinful nature.


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