Cypher Lounge Tracks Off W/ The Kyles Files

One, two, three, and to the four Cypher Lounge Radio and the Kyles Files is at your door, ready to make an entrance so back on up, cause you know we about to rip it up.  Well maybe, we won’t be doing all that but Cypher Lounge and the Kyles Files are definitely linking up to add more content to our Cypher Lounge radio listeners as well as add more value to the Kyle’s Files  Track-Off winners.  Starting Wednesday 5/12/10, Cypher Lounge Radio will be interviewing the winner of Monday’s Track-Off winner.  This week we have a fierce competition between two Chi-town rap artists; Young General with “Never Love You” and FM Supreme with “Love Me Again.”   The theme is love so go show some love and vote for the artist you feel deserves a shot to join Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha live on the air this upcoming Wednesday.  Vote at  .  As always, you know its going down like 4 flat tires on low-riders each Wednesday night at 7pm PST.  Tune-In at


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