UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest- Cypher Lounge Style

An eclectic crowd, soulful sounds, and cultural cuisine served as the backdrop for the 2010 UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest this past Memorial Day weekend. Over the course of two awe-inspiring days that included perfect weather and thousands of music lovers witnessing the true essence of what music is supposed to be, Cypher Lounge Radio was in building or should I say on the grass with all the performers and the people soaking up the sun, sights, smells, and sounds.

Sunday also known as Jam Day featured the musical styles of Denmark’s own Quadron as the songstress won over the hesitant crowd with her amazing voice eccentric style. With Bilal flexing his gargantuan vocal ability and range, the crowd was sent into an absolute frenzy. When the Grammy nominated The Foreign Exchange hit the stage, everyone in attendance found themselves grooving and ready to “Take Off The Blues.” Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Q-Tip took it to another level as he dropped classic after classic song from his personal catalogue as well as the Tribe Called Quest era. As the end of the night approached, we were all reminded that, “It may be cold on the east coast but on the other side of town, it never rains in Southern California,” as Raphael Saadiq shut it down as only he could.
All Sunday Photos Courtesy of Just B from EyeAm.Shooter Photography

Monday also known as Reggae Day was on a completely different level as everybody in attendance anxiously waited for the “Distant Relatives,” Nas and Damien Marley to hit the stage. In the meantime, trust me when I say that no one was disappointed with the passionate reggae vibes of the one and only Barrington Levy.  With the native vibes of artists like Etana and Cham the crowd couldn’t help but feel that we were experiencing the true essence, passion, and soul of Jamaica.

Dasha & Nas Holdin' It Down

Keeping with the theme of the event, the crowd was taken back to the motherland as the Nigerian born, Nneka dropped a little cultural consciousness on the people with her Lauryn Hill like style. But that was only the beginning of a wonderful end to a glorious two days as Nas and Damien Marley took the stage. Dropping hit after hit from the past and classic new material from their new album, they truly deserved to be the headliner of this soulful sensation of sounds that encompassed this Memorial Day weekend. It was truly an image of One Love, One Mic, One People, and One Life as everyone that enjoyed this experience felt like we were all “Distant Relatives.”
All Monday Photos Courtesy of T.Stewart



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