Cypher Lounge Radio has the Purrrfect Guests

Girl close your eyes, let that rhythm get into you, don’t try to fight it, there ain’t nothing that you can do once you listen to the world famous Cypher Lounge Radio.  This Wednesday night at 7pm PST, Tune-in as your mother’s lover, Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha, the Divine Diva will be holdin’ it down with voice over actress/radio jock,  Kali “Kittie” Troy from the hit VH1 show, “Let’s Talk About Pep.” The dynamic duo will also be joined by Dr. Marsan Q. Champion as he returns to Cypher Lounge for the world premiere of his new book, “Lost Soul.”  Not only that, tune-in for a special 6 minute Michael Jackson tribute mix from the one and only, DJ Mark One.  Also, Dasha will be talking about all her experience on Foxxhole Radio on the Sirius network in Cypher Scene.  As always, it’s going down like 4 flat tires on low-riders on Cypher Lounge Radio each and every Wednesday night at 7pm PST.
Listen to internet radio with Cypher Lounge Radio on Blog Talk Radio


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