Cypher Lounge Welcomes Raven, Elle B, & Mercedes…TRUE STORY!

All my mommas that profit dollars,  throw your hands up with Cypher Lounge Radio this Wednesday night at 7pm PST as Dasha, The Divine Divah and Hassahn Phenomenon welcome an array of wonderful women. 

Cypher Lounge family member, Raven Sorvino will be stopping through for a quick second to drop some new info on you and to talk about why she feels, “Inspired.”

Also joining the party, we have owner of True Story Tees, Mercedes Stoner coming the through to talk style, business, and inspiration and how she has become a force to reckoned with in the fashion industry. 

Last but definitely not least, we have R&B/Soul/Pop singer, Elle B lounging with HP and Dasha, as she stops through to talk about her new project, “Until the Light of Day” and her current tour with Katy Perry.  

If that wasn’t enough, we always have the incomparable DJ Mark One providing the highly anticipated Six Minute Mix.  As always, it’s going down like four flat tires on a low-rider on Cypher Lounge Radio each and every Wednesday night at 7pm PST.


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