iStandard Producer’s Showcase is the Standard in LA

Already 21 cities deep once they hit Hollywood, The Award Tour that we have come to know as the iStandard Producer’s Showcase didn’t disappoint the Tinseltown socialites.  With the likes of music production royalty such as Rob Knox, and Slip N Slide A&R, Vakseen the panel of judges was your usual cast of the who’s who of the industry. 

With over 24 producers competing for the top spot, which includes meetings and consultation with the panelist, software from IK Multimedia, Ableton, and a host of other dope sponsors, you would think the tension or hate would be spewing throughout the room, but the iStandard Producer’s showcase is that type party. It’s all about love for the music, constructive feedback, and networking.  The vibe of the entire showcase mirrors the image of the iStandard Founders,Don Di Napoli aka Thrill Collins and Jason “J Hatch” Hadshian in that it is all about progressing the culture and bringing amazing talent together in one room. J Hatch said it best, “The most amazing thing I have seen from traveling city to  city is the camaraderie amongst the producers, artists, and everybody in attendance. Although it’s a competition everybody is just their to be heard and make connections.”

The connections are real, just ask up and coming producer, Woozy Collins, who was in attendance, “It was so dope for me to have my music critiqued by the people who already have a name in the game but it was even doper to have that direct access to them. iStandard is providing an amazing opportunity for artist like me.” With performances from artists like Shanica Knowles, , it is also an avenue for up & coming  rappers, singers, etc.  to showcase their talents as well.  The iStandard environment is definitely one that caters to the artist and networking socialite within all of us.

Powered by Monster Energy Drinks, the iStandard Producer’s Showcase is a force in the industry that is truly providing young talent with “REAL” opportunities. When they come to a city near you, be sure to check it out. Whether you are an artist, songwriter, manager, lawyer, or a producer, you need to be there.  iStandard is truly the standard by which industry showcases should be measured.


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