Justin Hires, David Sabastian, & Reggie Step Into the Cypher

As we proceed to give you what you need! It’s Cyper Lounge muthaf%$ka’s! Get live muthaf%$ka’s! This Wednesday night at 7pm PST, Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha, The Divine Divah are bringing you a little comedy, a little music, and of course that sophisticated ignorance you have grown to love.

Our first guest is no stranger to the world of comedy, as we welcome Comedian extraordinaire, Reggie to the Cypher Lounge.

Next up, will be future west coast Hip-Hop legend, David Sabastian. He is coming through to talk about his upcoming project, “Napoleon Complex” and his crazy single, “ Pu##y Marijuana.”

Last and definitely not least, we bring you actor, comedian, writer, Justin Hires as he drops by the Cypher to chop it up about his new movie 21 Jump Street.

As always, it’s going down like four flat tires on a low-rider. Tune-In Sucka!



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