Why Velvet Rope When You Can KissNGrind…

In a world where conglomerates run the radio airwaves and velvet ropes keep the “have nots” in their “proper” place away from the “haves,” we are beat over the head with a Top 4o music culture that embodies repetition, fast money, and 2 minutes of fame for those that fight so hard to be a part of what has become the norm.  For these reasons, the LA club scene tends to be a chaotic mess of pretentiousness, fictitious lifestyles, & well lets face it, fake DJ’s that hide behind their Serato and  spins their favorite radio stations’ playlist.

What happened to the “grown and sexy” yet “young & the restless” balance that once existed and kept the dance floors packed? Where is the Hip-Hop smoothed out on the R&B tip with a Pop feel appeal to it?

Well, that nostalgic feeling can be found generally once a month at Vikter Duplaix’s, KissNGrind party.  This is the place where LA’s sophisticated urban socialites come funky fresh dressed to impress and ready to PARTY! Each month the KissNGrind features a different world-renowned DJ like Biz Markie, Quest Love, and many more.  If you don’t know, now you know that Mr. Duplaix always holds it down but at the last KissNGrind party, DJ Kid Capri started his set with a 30 minute slow-jam session that had the ladies “Weak in the Knees” and the fellas trying to “Bump N Grind.”

With that being said, if you are looking to have your soul fed and you are ready to “leave that 9 to 5 on the shelf and just enjoy yourself,” you might want to get over to the KissNGrind party Friday, Sept. 7th at the Vanguard in Hollywood.  Did I mention that DJ Jazzy Jeff is the guest DJ?  Cypher Lounge will be in building and we suggest you get your ass down there and “Make it a Night to Remember.”


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