The Cast and Creator of Chocolate Sundaes Steps into The Cypher

chocolate sundaesFunny how time flies when you are listening to Cypher Lounge Radio on Wednesday nights at 7pm PST. Who doesn’t appreciate live and unadulterated sophisticated ignorance? Well, we at least know that our hosts Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha, The Divine Divah appreciate it and bring it to you on the regular.

This week the dynamic duo welcomes the people who bring you Showtime’s Chocolate Sundaes. Tune-In as Dasha and HP will be chopping it up with comedian/actor Tommy Davidson as he serves as host of Chocolate Sundaes.

Also joining the party is cast member, Samson Crouppen. He is coming through to talk about his active role in the show. Joining Sam is the very fun and down-to-earth cast member, Megan O’Neal as she talks about being an actor amongst comedians.

If that wasn’t enough, of course we have to bring you Pookey Wigington, who is the creator behind the entire Chocolate Sundaes concept. He is dropping by to talk about how he took a weekly comedy show in LA all the way to television.

Of course we got DJ Mark 1 on the one’s and two’s so lets make it do what it do and make sure you Tune-In Sucka!



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