Elle Varner, D. Woods, & Jawn Life Step into the Cypher

Elle Varner cyphWe hear you calling, here we come baby to save you each Wednesday night at 7pm PST on Cypher Lounge Radio. We are prepared to give you the sophisticated ignorance you been craving.

This week, Dasha, the Divine Divah is out making it do what it do so Hassahn Phenomenon will be holdin’ it down by his damn self. This week we got a dope line up for you.

Stepping to the plate first is the hip-hop trio, The Jawns. Consisting of Darrell “Moolah Manz” Curry, Terrance “Lt. Lotto” Drish and Cori “DottieO” Eggleston, the crew is working to put Connecticut on the map in the major way.  They are stepping into the Cypher to chop it up  about their current mixtape, “Pay Homage” and explain exactly what The Jawn Life is.

HP and Dasha also had the chance to check in with Ms. Elle Varner at a BET Music Matters even in Los Angeles so we will be bringing you that interview as well. Elle talks music, the soundtrack to her life, and ratchetness.

If that wasn’t enough, we also got former Danity Kane stand out, D. Woods joining the party to discuss her current project and a whole lot more.

As always, DJ Mark 1 will be holdin’ it down live in the Six Minute Mix. It’s going down like four flat tires on a low-rider. Tune-In Sucka!



8 responses to “Elle Varner, D. Woods, & Jawn Life Step into the Cypher

  1. I love the young lady Maria! I love that kind of positive energy. I will check out the site when it’s up.

  2. Do you know where I can download D. Woods new project? Where can I get more in on the inspired by via thing?

  3. Dope show! Just checked it our for the first time. You guys are definitely doing your thing. Elle is crazy and fine too, D. Woods seemed humble. That chick Maria sounds sexy and I could listen to her all night and the Jawn life is dope as shit! I will be tuning in. Keep it up!

  4. HP & Dasha make a great combo. I missed her this week. Where was she? I missed her crazy self. HP I was lol when you asked Elle when was the last time she had a refill! You we’re flirting hard with that Maria girl so I assume you must know her. If not, you are crazy and bold but I will check out her site when it drops. I love you guys! Long time listener, but only my 3rd time commenting. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Cypher Lounge crew! This is Crista again. You know I love HP & Dasha and I always say you all make a great team and couple..wink wink but when I heard this last show… HP you ain’t fooling nobody, I know who that was on the line. I think the concept of inspired by ria is so amazing but what you did for her is that much more amazing. Keep inspiring the world and stay blessed. HP & Dasha are special people and I mean that every way you can think of it…LOL! Make sure you tune-in to them.

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