Mary Mary Brings Sunday Funday Vibe to the Horseshoe Casino


The infamous Sunday Funday has now become a very popular endeavor for couples, friends, buddies, girl’s day out, homies, and every other combination of relationships one could muster.  This past Valentine’s Day weekend, the Hammond Horseshoe Casino provided the backdrop for the perfect Sunday Funday with a “Little More Jesus” appeal to it.

As you all know, I have been to The Venue inside the Horseshoe Hammond Casino many times but have not quite witnessed it in this fashion. Erica and Tina Campbell, known to the world as Mary Mary, played host to packed house for a gospel brunch that was hands down one of the best I’ve ever attended.  The Venue, normally known for its great stadium seating was transformed into an elegant banquet style venue with assigned tables covered in stylish black table cloths. The scene was set for the beginning of an amazing Sunday Funday with the perfect level of divine intimacy balanced with a concert-like vibe and rounded out with a restaurant lounge feel.

While gospel lovers enjoyed everything from french toast, scrambled eggs, fine cheeses to unlimited mimosas and other adult beverages, Mary Mary put on show that every one from the grown & sexy to the young & the restless dancing, crying, worshiping, and showing praise to the Most High as if we were all sitting the first pew at church on a Sunday morning.  Mary Mary went through a small but excellent choice of their classic uptempo hits like “Go Get It,” “Walking,” “God In Me,” and “Shackles.”  Flawless in their vocal delivery and seasoned in their stage presence, Erika and Tina are true performers.  The harmony they are able create with their amazing voices is only matched by the harmony they obviously share with each other as siblings.  It is also quite obvious that they are sisters in Christ as they both gave powerful testimony through song and prayer while executing a few of their more traditional gospel tunes.  Mary Mary personifies the term “sanging.” Yes, these young women don’t sing, they “SANG!”

With the crowd full in spirit, full from the buffet style brunch, and “full” from enjoying a few spirits, the praise portion of the Sunday Funday was winding to a close as Erica and Tina ended the show in Mary Mary fashion with a high energy, two-stepping, and hand clapping finale.  It was really an amazing show with the perfect set-up to match.

The day may have ended for some but in true Sunday Funday fashion, many in attendance hit the Casino to test their luck, others hit the bar to enjoy another drink, and I hit the lounge area to enjoy a cigar and reflect on feeling uplifted, energized, full, and completely satisfied by the entire experience. Mary Mary definitely was the highlight of the day but the Horseshoe Hammond Casino proved to be “The Venue,” (the pun was intended) to enjoy an amazing Sunday Funday.

Tune-In to Cypher Lounge Radio this Wednesday night at 7pm PST as we will be talking about more Mary Mary, more Sunday Funday experiences, and of course the Hammond Horseshoe Casino!


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