Everybody Eats is Life and Not Just Fashion for Demarco Sams

img_5212When you are ascended several stories up overlooking a hustlin’ and bustlin’ downtown Chicago, there is a certain sense of royalty you might feel.  The overwhelming sense of “we made it” may creep into your cranium.  As your personal barber is lining you up in the kitchen as you prepare to take on another night of adventure in the metropolis also known as the “City of Wind,” you may ponder for a moment that you are living the good life.

While this aforementioned scene is a true depiction of a moment in the life of  the man responsible for the fashion brand, Everybody Eats, this illustration does not define his essence.  If you don’t know the name Demarco Sams, you may know him by his Instagram moniker, 1_marco_1.  Either way, you need to know a young “south side of the Chi” gentleman who breathes humility, embodies modesty, and epitomizes genuineness.  When it comes to Marco, community is his character, purpose is his persona, and loyalty is the law he abides by.

everybody-eatsLoyalty, love, philanthropy, and most importantly, friendship is the driving force behind the brand Everybody Eats. From the concrete basketball courts of the playground as a child to the famous hardwood of Simeon as a high school baller, Demarco has run with the same team for a long time. It was in those teen years that a group of young men made a vow that no matter who made it out the crew, they all would make it. The two words that resonate throughout any hood in America as a symbol of unity, “Everybody Eats,” became the calling card that embodied the bond of these  young men. On the court and beyond, their friendship birthed a brand that is now worn by the likes of NBA giants like Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose, and more. The latter of the two basketball juggernauts, D. Rose not only sports the clothing, but he also had the two words inscribed on his D. Rose 5 basketball shoes as reminder that “Everybody Eats.” After all, Rose, who Marco calls “the leader” is a part of the original crew that birthed the movement back at Simeon.

From the soles of those Adidas sneakers to the hearts and souls of the original crew with “Everybody Eats” tatted on their physical frame, Demarco represents the personification of their promise.  He has taken what started as just some cool gear for the crew and transformed it into a viable fashion brand that has the streets buzzin’.

If the point wasn’t made clear, Marco defines Everybody Eats as far more than a fashion label. 

“It’s a movement that really touches people because people understand what those two words mean.  Everybody Eats is for everybody.  We want to show the kids a better way to live.  We want to help our community.  We want to show people that we all can be greater. We want to show people the power of unity and loyalty.  We want everybody to feel like a VIP because everybody is a VIP in our opinion”

Marco gives credit to his family, friends, and mentors growing up who showed him a better path as he so eloquently stated, “I always knew I wanted to be greater and I had some good people in my life that helped me see that at an early age. I’m blessed to have some amazing people in my circle” 

Now Mr. Sams is focused on using Everybody Eats as way to give back. From their yearly toy drive, basketball camps, to their feed the homeless initiative, Demarco and his friends are invested in the smiles of those that need a little love in their life.  The best way to understand Marco is to hear him tell you a story about his childhood.

“When I was kid, people would say it’s better to give than receive and I would be like, No  it’s not! Now, I truly understand what they meant because when I see other’s happy that makes me happy. I love seeing others smile and as long as Everybody Eats, I’m smiling.”

Demarco Sams has many reasons to smile because Everybody Eats has transcended the Chicago streets that birthed, nourished, and watched it blossom just as the Rose that grew from the concrete sprouted despite the adverse growing conditions. While the conditions surrounding the clothing line are great, Marco still understands his purpose is bigger than expanding the brand.  While he is constantly coming up with new concepts that enhance the t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets that have become so popular, he knows that enhancing the lives of people is far more important.

As we stood in the Chicago high-rise overlooking the city, I could tell that Demarco Sams wasn’t looking down on those carrying on with life below us.  Instead, he was probably thinking, how can I get my people to understand we can all live life above the clouds.  Modest, intelligent, caring, grateful, genuine, loyal, and quietly charismatic are just a few traits that describe Demarco Sams but the two powerful words that speak the loudest about him and his crew is the obvious, “Everybody Eats.”

Want to join the movement or just cop a few shirts? Check out the online store – https://www.eebrand.net

Written By: Hassahn Phenomenon




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